Join use for a relaxing yoga and hiking holiday in Switzerland.

In August we will organize a yoga and hiking holiday in the Swiss alpine landscape, 27th August – 1st September, 2023. We stay in the small and atmospheric mountain village of Engelberg – Angel Mountain, in the charming Hotel Trübsee.

The responsible tour operator is the fins-tours travel agency, and Sanna Arnold, will be our tour leader as well as a hiking and local guide. You can see a more detailed itinerary below, after the pictures.



1865 €/person/twin
2025 €/person/sgl

Incl. 5 night’s accommodation, full board (breakfast, lunch/snack lunch, dinner), Finnair flights Helsinki-Zürich-Helsinki (+ airport taxes etc.), transfers in Switzerland, tickets to the ski lifts and trains, 2 yoga lessons per day, hiking and tour leader guidance.

Extra price: bewerages, canoe rent, superior room EUR 175/person

Group size max. 20 pax.

Yoga and Hiking Holiday in Engelberg in 27th August – 1st September, 2023

Travel program
Come with us on this unique yoga & hike holiday, which will take place this year in August 2023 in Engelberg.

Experience six unforgettable days in the beautiful postcard scenery of the Alpine village of Engelberg, in the canton of Obwalden, in the lap of Mount Titlis, and let this captivating and unique “Angel Mountain” region literally sweep you off your feet.

Yoga Saimaa’s sympathetic and nature-loving Tanja Lajunen acts as tour leader and yoga teacher on the trip. Tanja is a very versatile exercise professional and an exerciser in her spare time, who mainly relaxes all year round in nature.

Hikes in Switzerland are guided by Sanna Arnold of fins-tours. Sanna has led several of our hiking and yoga trekking trips and is a popular guide among our customers. Sanna knows the hiking trails of the area very well and, after living in Switzerland for more than 30 years, can also tell a lot of interesting things about the country and its people.

The village of Engelberg is the largest winter and summer resort in Central Switzerland. A charming village and a perfect active vacation destination rests, so to speak, in the arms of the mountains. The area is really versatile with more than 500 km of hiking trails, and the terrain is also great for outdoor yoga. In addition to hiking, in Engelberg you can enjoy things like mountain biking and mountain climbing, not forgetting golf.

Engelberg is located just approximately an hour’s drive from Zurich. The village has a long history of outdoor activities dating back to monastery times, when vacationers came there as early as the 19th century. Mount Titlis with its glaciers at over 3,000 meters and the 2,600-meter Mount Hahnen rise above the peaks of the surrounding mountains. The town of Engelberg charms with its picturesque and rustic style. The Benedictine monastery, founded in 1120, has a significant influence on the life of the village even today. Monks still live, work and teach in the monastery. Buildings and houses from the Belle Epoque era are evidence of that time. Together with the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the unique architecture gives the village its very special charm.

On the day of arrival, we get to know the sympathetic and beautiful city of Zug, located on the shore of the lake of the same name. The city, founded at the beginning of the 13th century, perfectly combines tradition, internationality and modernity – it’s no wonder that the beautiful city and its charming views also attracted the famous Finnish Formula 1 driver, Kimi Räikkönen, as residents.

On the last day of the trip, we explore Luzern, which is surrounded by an impressive mountain and lake landscape, which is known, among other things, for the world’s oldest wooden bridge, the Kapellbrücke. Certainly one of the most photographed sights in Switzerland with its wonderful seasonal flowers.

We are staying in hotel Trübsee at an altitude of about 1800 meters in the heart of the Titlis region. Located on the shore of the mountain lake of the same name, the hotel is a great combination of traditional Swiss mountain hotel and modern functionality.

The days are designed to start with a energizing and arousing Vinyasa yoga class. We will set off after breakfast at around 10:00. Along the hiking route, you can enjoy lunch at a beautiful viewpoint in nature or have lunch in traditional mountain restaurants.

Depending on the day’s hiking route, we return to the hotel around 4:00 p.m.

Before dinner, a calming and restorative Yin yoga class, followed by the opportunity to enjoy the gentle baths of the hotel’s sauna.

Dinner is enjoyed in the hotel’s cozy restaurant, depending on the day’s program, around 7 p.m.

Day 1, Sunday 27 August 2023
Meeting at 6:30 a.m. at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Finnair flight AY1511 departs Helsinki-Vantaa at 7:55 a.m. and lands at Zurich airport at 9:45 a.m. local time (-1 hour). Our Finnish guide Sanna meets the group in the entrance hall in Zürich.

Bus transfer from Zurich airport to the city of Zug. In Zug, we do a short city tour, after which we enjoy a light lunch. During lunch, it’s a great time to get to know the other group members and do a short and uncomplicated introductory tour led by the guide.

In the afternoon, we continue our journey to Engelberg, from where we take the gondola lifts to our holiday destination Trübse station. Accommodation in a hotel.

In the early evening, we take a brisk but unhurried walk around Lake Trübsee and get to admire the valleys illuminated by the evening sun and the beautiful mountain views from an altitude of about 2,000 meters. Weather permitting, we can see the peak of Mount Titlis from behind the clouds.

During the hotel dinner, our guide Sanna tells us about the whole week’s yoga and hiking program and gives detailed instructions for the next day’s excursion.

Overnight at hotel Trübsee.

Day 2, Monday, August 28, 2023
Before breakfast, an arousing Vinayasa yoga class on the hotel’s wonderful terrace or inside. After breakfast, we take the chairlifts from Trübsee station to the top of the Jochpass at an altitude of 2,222 meters, where we start our first hike. We walk down an easy path towards the lovely natural pearl Engstlensee lake. With good luck, we can see marmots, foxes or mountain deer on the way.

The highlights of the route are undoubtedly, in addition to the idyllic lake view, the magnificent mountains surrounding the route and its breathtaking panoramic views, as well as the unique rich alpine flora and cows roaming the pastures.

This route offers not only a great view of Mount Titlis, towards which we will walk on the way back, but also the famous snow peaks of the Bernese Alps, Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

We take an unhurried break on the shore of Lake Engstlensee and enjoy lunch. We return to the Jochpass via a different route and take the chairlifts down to the valley of Lake Trübsee.

In the evening, a calming Yin yoga class will be held, after which you will have the opportunity to take a sauna and relax.

We have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Overnight at hotel Trübsee.

Day 3, Tuesday, August 29, 2023
After breakfast, we take the rotating Titlis Rotair gondola lift to Mount Titlis, located at an altitude of 3062 meters, from where we can admire breathtaking views over the entire Engelberg valley.

Before lunch, there is an opportunity to test the Ice Flyer, whose five-seater chairlift will fly you above the amazing glaciers. You will see incredible ruts and wonderfully bluish permafrost.

We also test the amazing Cliff Walk bridge and walk inside the glacier cave. The sharpest-eyed will also spot a squirrel from the Ice Age movies in the cave!

We will have lunch in the panoramic restaurant admiring the unforgettable views.

We return back to Trübsee.

In the afternoon, you will have the opportunity to enjoy your free time, explore Engelberg’s traditional country village under Sanna’s guidance, or take part in a relaxed kayaking trip led by Tanja on our home lake Trübsee.

A restorative Yin yoga class in the early evening, followed by the opportunity to take a sauna and relax.

We enjoyed dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

Overnight at hotel Trübsee.

Day 4, Wednesday 30 August 2023
Morning Vinayasa yoga class, after which we enjoy a leisurely breakfast.

From Trübsee station, we take the gondola lifts down to the village of Engelberg, from where we continue our journey by bus to Brunn station, on the sunny side of the Engelberg mountains.

From Brunn station, we take a larger gondola lift up to Ristissen station to an altitude of 1,600 meters.

From Ristik, we hiked a beautiful and green partly barefoot nature trail up to 1,860 meters to Lake Härzlisee. So the idea is that we walk part of the route barefoot, which promotes the sensory hiking experience of every experienced hiker.

Along the way, there are information boards with health-promoting instructions and muscle fitness exercises, which we can also familiarize ourselves with if we wish.

At the beginning of the route, you can find an alpine cheese dairy, where you can buy local cheeses made with traditional methods – either as a snack on the way or as a snack.

After arriving at Lake Härzli, it’s time to clean the soles of your feet after getting up – a cooling foot bath route goes around the lake. In good weather, you can also take a dip in the fresh water.

We take a snack and rest break by the lake and return to Ristissen station via the Rigidalp viewpoint. From Ristisken station, we return by gondola lift to Brunn station and from there by bus to Engelberg village. From Engelberg we go back up to Trübsee on the gondola lifts.

A calming Yin evening yoga class, followed by the opportunity to take a sauna and relax.

We have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Overnight at hotel Trübsee.

Day 5, Thursday 31 August 2023
Before breakfast, a refreshing Vinayasa yoga class on the hotel’s outdoor terrace.

After breakfast, we descend to the village of Engelberg, from where we continue by bus to Fürenalp station. We take the traditional gondola lifts to 1,850 meters on the Fürenalp mountain, where we start our hike here in the area also called Little Patagonia.

This panoramic hiking trail offers a versatile hiking experience in terms of scenery as well as terrain. We walk in the lap of rugged mountain landscapes towards the rich water of the Stäuber waterfalls. It feels like you could lean on the sharp mountain slopes – they are so incredibly close and touchable!

The route goes down a steep slope from the waterfall, after which we walk along a smoother path along the river towards our resting place.

Along the route, in addition to beautiful water bodies, there are also meadows decorated with alpine flowers and grazed by cows – the tinkling of cowbells, the sound of flowing water and the chatter of happy hikers are the only sounds we hear.

We enjoy lunch on a flat meadow by the river, from where we continue hiking back down to the Fürenalp station. We continue by bus back to Engelberg, from where we take the gondola lifts to our home village Trübsee.

In the evening, we hold a calming Yin yoga class, after which there is an opportunity to take a sauna and relax.

We have dinner in the hotel restaurant.

Overnight at hotel Trübsee.

Day 6, Friday 01 September 2023
After a tasty breakfast, it’s time to say goodbye to Trübsee and Titlis. We return down to Engelberg with the gondola lifts, from where we have a bus transfer to Luzern.

We will take a short city tour of Luzern with our guide. We walk on the Kapellbrücke and admire the charming old town.

After a lunch, free time and the opportunity to go shopping.

In the early evening, bus transport from Luzern to Zurich airport, where we will check in with our guides. Finnair flight AY1514 departs Zurich at 19:10 and arrives in Helsinki-Vantaa at 22:50 local time.


Hiking trips require normal basic fitness and are not suitable for people with reduced mobility or those afraid of heights.

If you have a permanent illness and are on continuous medication, we recommend that you go for a medical check-up before the trip and ask if, for example, height differences affect your medication.

Weather conditions may cause changes to the itinerary.